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Which payment model best suits my needs?

SlideME offers many payment options for users. Below you can see each one, how to set it up and decide which one fits your needs.
  • Billing Agreements: Setup a Billing Agreement through “Billing and Payments” on your SlideME profile. By using a billing agreement, you can purchase applications using SlideME’s SAM on your Android device, without the need to enter sensitive information (card numbers, PayPal logins, etc) every time you make a transaction. You can setup a billing agreement using the following payment methods:
    • Paypal: A valid funding source such as a credit card that supports variable recurring transactions must be linked to your Paypal account. If you only have a balance available, this option cannot be used. Please use the WebBUY option instead.
    • Amazon Payments: A valid funding source such as a credit card that supports variable recurring transactions must be linked to your Amazon Payments account.
  • TopUp your SlideME Wallet: You can deposit funds to your SlideME Wallet with Paypal, Visa, MasterCard Discover, American Express or Amazon for purchases either through the SlideME website or from the SlideME Market(SAM) application. Please note that if the balance cannot cover the cost of the application you wish to purchase, you cannot combine with a Billing Agreement payment model. You will have to topup your wallet with an amount equal or greater than the difference required, but not lower than $5 US.
  • WebBUY: By choosing to pay using the WebBUY process, you browse the application catalog on the SlideME website and the transaction takes place from your preferred browser. The download of the actual application is achieved using SlideME’s SAM, by logging in to your StorageLocker. Paid applications cannot be downloaded from the SlideME website. If your Paypal account only has a balance, and no funding source (card or bank account) linked to it, or your funding source doesn’t support variable recurring billing as required for Billing Agreements payment model, you can use the WebBUY option instead to purchase an application.
    • Purchase of a single application: This is a single purchase that can be initiated from the SlideME website.
    • TopUp your SlideME Wallet and purchase a single application: If you plan on buying more applications in the near future, you can deposit any amount of money to your SlideME Wallet, which will then be used to pay for the applications you want.
    • Use your SlideME Wallet balance: If your SlideME Wallet balance can cover the price of the application you want to purchase, you can use this option.