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N64oid & SNESoid A and B buttons issue!

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Player Wi-Fi 5.0 . (The exact model is YP-G70) I'm facing a problem regarding the A and B buttons in N64oid. If I hit the A or B touch buttons, each of them acts like I'm hitting both at the same time. That being said, I can't move in games like Mario Kart 64 nor can I properly jump in SM64. (He would kick and jump up a short distance)

I got fed up and downloaded SNESoid, only to find the exact same problem. :P

Anyways, I'm hoping perhaps maybe yongzh or anyone who might be able to help me fix this problem would read this, as I've only found a very small number of people on the internet with the same problem, none of which have found a solution.

Thanks in advance!

Higher Resolution Samsung Galaxy Devices

To the developers:

The newest wave of Samsung (first, other brands to come next) of Android phones built for 4"+ displays appear to be incorrectly drawing the virtual keypad's overlay of the touch areas. I have found that the areas far exceed where there are on the screen.

The co-ordinates for the A button and B button are over lapped (regardless of setting to Top or Bottom.)

Additionally, almost the entire screen reads for D-Pad buttons so its obvious this layer is not aligning properly with the HD resolutions. Its properly being stretched improperly during the scaling.

If this is not fixed, this app will be come obsolete.