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Does anyone know of a good weather app that works xworld wide and actualy works

Go Weather

Go Weather works pretty well and I use it all the time. You may have to download Go Launcher EX before you can download that but, it's worth it. You can get it from the Go Store after you download Go Launcher EX. If you need help with Go Launcher EX, contact AndroidGHelp at or copy and paste this URL:

n64old great

Hi just got n64 old emulator man the app is great all the old wrestling games work
Wcw nwo revenge , wcw nwo world tour , wcw mayhem , wwe 2000 , wwe no mercy ,virtual pro wrestling 1 and 2 all work great
Play them on my xperia play

candy crush

why is candy crush removed from the market? I was trying to re install it but apparently when i searched it on slide me, it cant be found?

candy crush

Como puedo bajar candy crush en mi tablet ??????

how do i update drag racing

how do i update drag racing and other games using slideme