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FORCE CLOSE while using slideme

I have 2 Sylvania 7 in tablets that I bought my boys for Christmas. I put in 8gb memory cards and I go into SAM 3.5 and try to download numerous apps. Each time it force closes. I get a message saying I need to upgrade to 4.0 which I have on one but the other won't let me for some reason and even with 4.0 I can't get anything but force close everytime. I have uninstalled and reinstalled... Still nothing. Getting frustrating.

Sylvania issues


The version that Sylvania has does not work or they included the wrong version. Try to install SAM 4.0 and reboot device. and share your contact details for someone to assist you.

Force Close SAM 3.5

I have a Sylvania too. Update to version 4.0. When you reboot, you may need to go to applications and select version 4.0 to get the icon. You will need to register and open an account. Then you should be able to download programs. Worked for me ! I have the KMart with version 1.01 firmware.

How did you download 4.0 The

How did you download 4.0

The notification says to uninstall 3.5 first but when I go into the settings and application to try to uninstall I just can't seem to do it. I go to settings manage applications and when I click on 3.5 the only option I get is to Clear Cache.

How did you download 4.o

I didn't un-install 3.5. I loaded 4.0 and it recognized it was a newer version. It asked i wanted to replace 3.5 and i said yes. The only thing was I didn't have an icon when it finished. I had to go into Applications and select it. When i got out, the icon was back and had 4.0 under it. Was a very smooth upgrade !

Doesn't work for me

When I get to the slideme page and click on the 4.0 update it asks me to save and then when I say yes it says error.

I give up. I am returning these things.

Would like to say that when I did a system update it fixed the blurry small youtube videos.

But I finally got my computer to recognize it loaded some movies and music which took a good hour to transfer. Safely removed and then nothing. Said the memory card was still empty.

3 different memory cards. This thing is junk.

I'm having the same issue.

I'm having the same issue. I've downloaded SAMS4 and after instaling, when I try to run it, I get the force close. I'm using android 1.6 on an Elonex etouch 700. Any ideas anyone?

force close

i have an adroid 2.2.1 system with Sam 4.2, it is a Telefunken Tablet, most of the apps i have downloaded come up with a FORCE CLOSE when i try to open. Compatibilities all seem to match, permissions are minimul, my latest force close is the Pirate Island Slot Machine, Most of the Kids Audio Stories are jumpy and they freeze and they force close. is there something i'm missing????

Unexpectedly Forced Close all Games I downloaded

I just got a Coby Kyros for my son yesterday, this is the second strait evening of trying to get game apps for him.

Not one game, Not Temple Run, Not Candy Crush Lite, not one game will play. Every game Forces Closed.

I am using the SlideMe for Android 2.3.

RE: Unexpectedly Forced Close all Games I downloaded

Make sure you are using the latest SlideME app SAM 5 for your Coby tablet. Also, do not use the public download of SAM as we have a special build just for Coby tablets. Please open a support ticket so we can help you in more detail by email:

force close on alldownloads. i have anImpressiom 3.2 android

I need help