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Dual File Manager Dual File Manager v2.80

Complete and easy file manager for files and folders, with dual page view for fast transfers. Dual explorer allows you to easily browse the SD card.

Fast Cleaner Fast Cleaner v3.2.8

Lightest and most useful FREE Android optimizer App.

BuildApp BuildApp v1.2.9

The 1st full 3D house modeling tool for Android !!
"one of the top 50 phone apps"- the guardian (18.4)

* NO ADS * just enjoy and share 3D models

BuildApp is a very easy and intuitive 3D house modeling tool for designing, visualizing and managing your house in 3D.
Make your home remodeling project better visualized for your workers, your clients and you.
Get automatic calculations of the house surfaces, areas, doors etc. !!

Genius Calculator Genius Calculator v2.1.5

A scientific calculator with unit converter and calculations log.

Kill Death Calculator Kill Death Calculator v1.2.1

This app will tell you your kill/death ratio in the Call of Duty games. More importantly, it tells you how many kills you need to "boost" your kill death ratio up by 0.01 via the Kill Death Calculator tab. It can also tell you how many deaths will lower your ratio, if you click on the Death Kill Calculator tab.

Talking Calc Talking Calc v1.0

Simple Talking Calculator, with digit grouping, and percentages. It says What it Means

Smart Data Watch Smart Data Watch v1.0.2

Smart Data Watch is free app to monitor your network data usage and convert the usage as your currency also lets you to set quotas for daily,monthly usage

Easy Financial Calculator Easy Financial Calculator v1.3.3

Calculate tip amounts, discounts and savings and pay off schemes easily.

Partition Size Calculator Partition Size Calculator v1.30.1

If you are tired of seeing the non-integer size of partitions in Windows Explorer, Partition Size Calculator might help.

Now And Then Now And Then v4.0.4

Wondering how long until your next birthday? How long ago was Easter? Now And Then is a date calculator that will find the time between two dates. You can also use it in calculator mode to add or subtract time from a date to see what date you get as a result.

Calc-IT Calc-IT v1.12

Calculator with many different layouts to choose from.

Virtual Calculator Virtual Calculator v1.10.2

Virtual calculator it's a simple calculator that uses the four basic operations.

It also supports power and percentage calculations.
Works on any version of Android from 1.5.

Android Cleaner Android Cleaner vv1.00.00

All in One Android Optimizer!
Optimizes RAM, Cache, History,Unused Files & SPEED

Graphing Calculator Free Graphing Calculator Free v0.9.9.84

A graphing calculator designed for ease of use and familiarity with common graphing and scientific calculators.

-Graphing with point tracing
-Graph Functions (Zeros, Min, Max, Intersection)
-Graph Parametric and Polar Equations
-Matrix operations
-Generic Derivatives
-Triangle Solver
-Complex numbers
-Full equation history
-Definite Integrals
-Variable and Function storage

Floating Calculator Floating Calculator v1.0.9

Floating calculator is a simple and elegant calculator app, floating at the front of your screen.

Floating Calculator places a floating bubble on your screen. Just click on the bubble to open the calculator.
You can freely move the calculator bubble, and toss it around the screen.

Floating Calculator gives you a simple and elegant multitasking solution available at the front of your screen.
You don't need to switch back and forth between apps to use the calculator.

DaCalc DaCalc v1.2.2.0

Calculate formulas like, x*(2+3)-y/5.

After input the values of variables x and y, you can get the result of the formula by pressing =.

It is easy to calculate like tips, tax and etc.

You can create your own formulas by click menu->edit, then save it. menu->load to use

Killstreak Estimator Killstreak Estimator v1.1.4

A calculator that estimates the chances of getting a killstreak in the various Call of Duty games based on a highly tested and credible algorithm I developed.

This includes:

Modern Warfare 3 (when released)
Black Ops
Modern Warfare 2
World at War
Modern Warfare 1

Bet and SureBet Calculator Bet and SureBet Calculator v1.31

The ultimate betting tool... Now you have almost everything in one app..

Working Hours Working Hours v2.4

This is best work hours tracker application on market. Just tap Check In and application will start tracking your day at work. When you are finished, press Check out button. Application will calculate your time at work and earned money.

InternetOK InternetOK v1.5.20150120

Is your mobile phone REALLY connected to Internet?