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King Kong Lock King Kong Lock v2.8.0

Lock is exist for protecting your privacy.The most complete of locking function: App Lock,Lock file,application hider,hide pictures, secret contacts.And more functions are going on.The best of unlock method:original password UI,calculator UI,pattern UI,FC UI. Free custom application function, can separately uninstall the function you don't need.

Essential Tools - Lite Essential Tools - Lite v3.3

This is a bunch of some essential tools grouped together in an app.
Includes the following tools.
1. Magnetic sensor (EMF Sensor)
2. Ghost detector
3. Thermometer
4. Spy recorder
5. Compass
6. Wifi detector.
7. Wifi File Explorer
Widget is also provided for quick use.
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WiFiReaver WiFiReaver v1.1

WiFiReaver. Wireless File Reaver.

Automatic key injection using Dictionary for Wireless Networks.

Inyector automático de claves mediante Diccionario para Redes Wireless.

Calculator TVA Calculator TVA v1.2.0

Calculator TVA

Calculator Multi Calculator Multi v1.0.3

Multi Calculator Lite
Multi Calculator is a multipurpose calculator that features:
-Inflation Calc :counts price value with inflation for future new value.Needed for insurance people.
-Mortgage Calc :counts the monthly mortgage according to mortgage rate and total months of mortgage
-Discount Calc :easily counts discounts price using slide bar

Get full version for unlimited calculation and no ads.
Please email for update request or complain on the apps

CM Locker CM Locker v4.1.2

Secure your privacy by screenlock and applock. Snaps pictures of intruders. Highest rated Screen Lock on Google Play! ★★★★★

Solar System Calculator Solar System Calculator v1.2

Calculate your age and weight on other planets from the Solar System!

Cool Tool Cool Tool v5.4

This utility allows you to monitor a various system info in "always on top" floating window (overlay mode).
Available meters:
- CPU Usage meter
- Free RAM meter
- CPU Frequency indicator
- 2g/3g/Wi-Fi Traffic meter
- Battery Level
- Battery Temperature
- Battery Current (mA)
- Wi-Fi Signal Level
- Current Time indicator
- GSM Signal Level
- Number of fixed GPS satellites
- Most resource-intensive processes

Ghost Commander Ghost Commander v1.51

Ghost Commander is a two panels file manager like Norton|Midnight|Total Commander.

Multi Conv Multi Conv v5.27

Max Unit Converter is one of the most comprehensive converters on the market and yet it is so simple to use.

Calculatrice Calculatrice v2.0


Advanced Launcher Lite Advanced Launcher Lite v1.5

Advanced Launcher is a must-have application for every Android owner. Advanced Launcher will create shortcuts to any application or function with ease and style. It makes your android device extremely handy and user-friendly.

Magneto Metal/EMF Detector Free Magneto Metal/EMF Detector Free v1.1

Most comprehensive, feature packed and accurate Metal/EMF detector by far.

AndTip! AndTip! v1.0.0

AndTip is a Tip-Calculator for Android. It calculates the variable amount of tip to be added on a bill in a restaurant. It can calculate the share between one to twenty persons.

Automotive Calculators Automotive Calculators v1.1

Automotive calculators for car enthusiasts.

Calculator Calculator v1.1

Simple calculator to perform basic math operations

RF Signal Tracker RF Signal Tracker v2.5.10

The hand held, ad-hoc drive test app for the RF engineer on the go!

Battery Checker Battery Checker v2.0

Utility App for Checking Battery Status (ex : remaining time, battery type, voltage, temperature, level, etc)

CalTronic CalTronic v2.5

CalcTronic is a collection of functions to electronics professionals, students and electronics enthusiasts.

Applications are made with a graphical interface that makes these calculations very friendly.

For questions and support contact the email application of the developed

Adv Calculator Adv Calculator v1.3.3

A powerfull calculator. Can read, modify and interpret complex formulas like 5*sin(12/(2+9))-ln(1)

- All usuals science and logic functions.
- Formula editor with historic.
- Regulary update with new possibility.

- Improve space on the screen