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Pet Storm Pet Storm v1.0

Do you like animals? Want to put your hand-eye coordination to the test? Try Pet Storm!

Tortuga Tales Free Tortuga Tales Free v1.1

Pinball is a game of skill, practice and a bit of luck! Can you complete all 6 missions?

WinToss WinToss v1.1.2

A fun game with phone tossing up;)

Shin Chans Escape Shin Chans Escape v1.5

Help Shin Chan Escape this nightmare! Play and dodge obstacles with Shin Chan.Shin Chans Escape is a fun 2D runner game developed by Samarth Joshi.
In This game the user controls the cutest character ever - Shin Chan - and helps him escape by dodging the oncoming obstacles.

Apple Run 3D Free Apple Run 3D Free v1.0

Get your thumb ready to maneuver NAUGHTY ball who wants to eat all the APPLES !

Raging Sharks Raging Sharks v1.3

Different fishing game, not the same joy!
The fishing game that everyone is talking about - Raging Sharks!
A variety of innovation, a variety of features, a variety of magnification, infinite happiness!

RanchWarriors RanchWarriors v1.0

anch warriors is a tower defense game with the action/real-time strategy characteristic. The terrible zombies are invading! Arm the lovely ranch animals and make the appropriate strategy, be the guardian of our farm.

Dully loli zombie, berserk zombie driving a roadster, Abominate zombie covered by meat block, the elegant zombie queen... All there are they itch to destroy your farm, are you and your animal warriors ready to fight?

Alien Bartender Alien Bartender v1.1.1

The Aliens are thirsty, give some drink for them

Road Cross Road Cross v4.1

Try help cars ride trough the crosswalk, one wrong move and pedestrians will begin long flight.

The devil is work The devil is work v1.0

You are working for the devil, but there are a lot of angels waiting for you. If you are not careful you will be caught, so use your evil brain to challenge them!

Bouncing Bill Bouncing Bill v1.0.2

Meet the Bouncing Bill, falldown game with little cute blue bouncing ball.

Paper Snake Paper Snake v1.1

Paper Snake is a great little game based off the classic game on the Nokia 3310! It is as addictive as the original Nokia snake but with a different feel (paper style), play Paper Snake and be prepared stay glued to your phone.

Meat Slice Meat Slice v1.1.3

Use your fingers to slice up the meats

Pinball Pinball v1.1

The name says it all. Pinball game. Just play it !

Neon Rush Neon Rush v1.4

Neon Rush is an arcade Run-n-Jump type of game, in which you have to help Neo to score as best score as you can, by guiding him through Neon City full of obstacles.

Pingy Pong Pingy Pong v1.2

Pingy Pong is the only ping pong game you will ever require

CrazyBounce CrazyBounce v1.14.1

Crazy Bounce is a sequel to the popular game Bounce.

iWorm iWorm v1.1

iWorm is a classic version of the famous old game Snake including 30 fun levels.
In every level you have to collect as many Stars as you can before their time is up.
To unlock each section, you need a specific amount of Stars.

Feed me planet Feed me planet v0.9

Feed the black hole with planets!

Sheep Game Sheep Game v1.2

Android Sheep Game is simple and fun "catch a sheep" type of game for kids where you aim to tap as many sheeps as you can and not to let lambs disappear when they are looking from left & right edges of the screen. This is a simple action & arcade game, a bit of dummy as well :-)

The design is made by my sons, 6 and 9 years old boys, who basically guided me to create a simple "catch a sheep" game which can be used with one finger and had to include music and nice sounds effects like fart :-)