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Feedback and Suggestions related to SAM 5 Release

General feedback and suggestions specific to the initial version 5.0 of the SlideME Application Manager (SAM).

Several features we wanted to have implemented in SAM 5.0, unfortunately did not make it in time due to time constraints and scheduled deadlines.

SAM v5.0 Features: (current release)
  • New User Interface design for an improved user experience
  • Additional and Improved app featuring options
  • Discover Apps which include a Video Preview
  • Local Apps listing feature
  • Similar Apps listing feature
  • Improved algorithm for Top Apps
  • Ability to Rate and post Reviews directly from within SAM (providing user has installed the app)
  • Read Reviews and Thumb Up/Down a review
  • View Ratings graph and average rating score
  • Easily discover more apps by respective developer
  • View What’s New (from the apps changelog)
  • Dynamic or Virtual Categories configurable server side*
  • Dynamic Layouts configurable server side*
  • Provisioning Collections or Sets of apps server side, e.g ‘Music Apps’
  • Permit users to contact developer for support or SlideME support staff from within SAM itself
  • Users can setup payment methods for subsequent touch n’ go purchases
  • Users can easily see balance and fund their SlideME Wallet account
  • Section for ‘App Offers’
  • Ability to elevate sponsored apps
  • Truly Unique Device Identifying System & Device Management System implemented for reliable install tracking.
  • App Permissions requirements improved
  • Share Apps options
  • Ability for user to switch themes
  • Real-Time reporting to DevCon Analytics
  • Ability to Bookmark apps to users accounts with ‘load’ feature from any device
  • New Normal, Quick and Facebook Registration process
  • Free apps installed now also associated with “MyApps” account
  • Indicators for apps that include Ads, IAP
Planned for next Release (SAM 5.1)
The following features are prepared for the next release.
  • Charts of Top Apps
  • Sub-categories enabled
  • Push service agnostic to C2DM/GCM
  • Gift this ‘App’
  • Improved Filter Activities
  • Malicious apps indicators
* Configurable even on a per-channel basis. i.e per device vendor channel SAM has been provisioned for.

my Pandigital wont download Sam5

I keep trying to download the new Sam5 but it keeps telling me it cant be installed. I have Sam4 on it right now, and SlideME wont open correctly. I cant browse through apps, but wifi is on and connected

RE: my Pandigital wont download Sam5

Pandigitals are older devices that are not compatible with SAM 5. You can try SAM 4.62, which was the last revision to SAM 4 that we still support: