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SAM 5.0 Bug Reports

Report any bugs or errors specific to the SAM 5.0 release.
(Please do not report issues here related to other applications downloaded from within SAM or SlideME)

SAM V5.01 not working on Zen Touch 2

I have been using SAM V4.6 on my Zen Touch 2 (Android V2.2) without any problems. Love it. I tried the upgrade to V5.01 and it seems this version will not work on my device. I have reverted back to V4.6 so I can continue with SAM. Are you aware of any bugs or issues with SAM running on the Creative Zen Touch 2? Should I try another method of installation?

sam crashes nextbook 8se

Installed sam and it crashed, tablet stopped responding. Went to faq, caused browser to stop. After restart tried again, same problem.

Seems like great site, but Nextbook not so much...


The new version of slide me forecloses every time i try to open it. The old version worked just fine though.

same for me too

I have had the same problem. V4.6 worked fine, but V5.01 will not work. It closes every time I open it.

sam v5.01 doesn't work on impression

It doesnt work on impression tablet

Es imposible descargar ni

It doesn't work whit my Netbook. I have Prixton Smart 1001 whit Safari browser Mac OS X 10.5. Is Android OS 2.2. And the other application too.

Same goes for me to.

Same goes for me to.

how do i download old version of sam as new version says error

how do i download old version of sam as new version says error and closes

RE: how do i download old version of sam as new version says err

If SAM v5 does not work on your device, you can try SAM 4.6 here:
Once installed, do not update if you are notified to do so as that will install SAM v5 again.

SAM v5.04 reaction to Intents

When i use the following code to link to my app :

intent.setData(Uri.parse("sam://details?id=<--My app's package name here-->"));

SAM doesn't go to my app, it shows the splash screen of SAM then goes to FEATURED Apps.

Also tried with "SlideME Demo" with SAM enforced.

It doesn't happen always, only sometimes.

Old version SAM 4.6 worked for me

After installing the old version I got to choose from the apps again. I got the message "Unfortunately SlideMe has stopped working"
This is on my Malata i8 with Android 4.04. Unfortunately Dropsbox now still has the same problem.

5.25 crashes 100% on Samsung SCH-R730 running Android 2.3.5

Cannot get it to load, sometimes crashes when I extend the physical keyboard. Downloaded 4.6, works fine.