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Introducing our latest client, SAM 5

Every once in a while, we get to announce something for which we're really excited. This is one of those special moments -- we're making available the fifth version of our SlideME Application Manager (SAM) now.

A lot of effort has gone into this release from our developer team, and we feel that it fixes a lot of the shortcomings of the previous versions, such as, but most certainly not limited to:

  • application discoverability
  • responsiveness
  • stability
  • social integration
  • We've also added a lot of punch to this new version, with usability features such as Facebook registration and login (soon to be followed with more social authentication providers), tweaked algorithms so that your favorite apps can really shine through, and several options for developers to promote their applications even more.

    We truly hope you find this new release to be everything you wished for, but since we're still human it's likely we've left something out; please take the time to let us know in our Feedback and suggestion thread, or any bugs you find at our Bug reporting thread.

    We hope to significantly shorten the time between updates, to quickly adapt to the change in needs from you, our users; and to make your device realize its true potential.

    From everyone here at SlideME --
    we hope you find this release to be the best one yet!

    NOTE: You should receive a notification in your device within the next few hours as we roll our the update. If you don't, you can try quitting your old version and reopening it, or downloading the APK directly. Also note our new version requires Android 2.1 (API level 7) at a minimum.


cant download this app

RE: jonny

The link provided above is current and will download the latest version of SAM 5. Unfortunately, we are unable to troubleshoot issues with your network connection if you are unable to download our market app.