Reviews of Better Keyboard 8 (Gingerbread Edition)

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Fantastic app wont/can't use any other key board!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

I've been using this for over 3 years. It hasn't failed me yet.

The keyboard is fantastic, the best I know for Samsung (the native HTC keyboard is good as well, but Samsung is very bad).

The dictionary download is working (see my question below), I have been using this keyboard for six month now and don't want to miss it (just reinstalled it after resetting my device to factory settings).

One little annoying thing: in the German dictionary the litte but frequent word "für" is missing and for some reason it won't be saved either...

Ah, its so good to have better keyboard back.

I upgraded android on my phone, and couldn't find this in the market place, for reasons explained elsewhere. But I missed it so much, I decided it was worth going through the hassle of installing the SlideMe app, creating an account, and buying the keyboard all over again. And after just 5 minutes I'm so glad I did - it is way better than anything else.

Is the dictionary download working ? If not i will not pay for this.

Hey how about making this free for all the people who already own it? We all got screwed because of the android market screw up.

Great one out there on the market. I am just very upset that I have already paid for it last year... and now it isn'tavailable on the android market anymore and am being forced to payfor it again... I've tried contacting the developers via email with no result...not a very good way to do business if they expect users to purchase future applications!!!

Works great!, but after the move from Android Market the dictionaries are lacking, so far only the Finnish dictionary is here.

So, when you get the Norwegian dictionary available for download here, I will give it 5 stars again.

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