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No Updates Notification or Reminder

I had bought a few applications from SAM, but whenever I checked my Locker, there wasn't any information regarding a new update is available.

I have to check ALL my apps' version, then go back into SAM, which is d*** slow, to find any updates.

Even when I found, most of the apps already had updated to a few version without me knowing, it can't be installed. I have to uninstall it from my device's "Menu" and then goes back, AGAIN, into SAM to install a new version.

Do you think you can fixed this simple problem? At lease let us know that there's a NEW version?


No Updates Notification or Reminder

Yes, this really is a big problem. I just noticed all my purchased applications are 2-3 versions behind. I spend 2 hours checking, uninstalling and reinstalling new versions. NOT GOOD SAM!

SAM 4 due shortly will have support for Updates

Due to some of the shortcomings of SAM 3.x, there was no point in implementing such features.

SAM 4 due shortly, re-factored and optimized we (& others..) will be able to built upon it and make a wonderful App-Store client.

Bare with us cause there is lots to do, overwhelming interests from device vendors, new payment methods introduced such as PayPal, and delivering what developers need, all in due time.

re: SAM 4 due shortly will have support for Updates

Does this mean we would get to upgrade apps like klaxon that is currently version 2.0 on slideme and 4.x on market? Cardiotrainer is 2.4 x on slideme and 2.5.x on market. This should be fixed irrespective of SAM 4.


Just another excuse

This is just another excuse.

Look at the posted date of the reply, it's already one month and there's still no update.

Please stop lying to the customers.


Would you care to be a tester and contribute with some valuable feedback instead of making such accusations? Contact support if so by submitting your interest and details

Re: Test

Of course I can be your tester and I believe many others will, too, IF you're kind enough to release it.

This topic "No Updates Notification or Reminder" was started, by me, on August 3rd and only got a reply, by George, on August 21st, replying that there will be a new version. When pronam asked for the release date, the silence continue until now.

I've been checking everyday, but there's NO MORE respond. I am accusing you???

the new version (4.0) does

the new version (4.0) does have a new 'sam service' that runs in the background. is this supposed to do what people are asking here, check for updates and notify us?
i know it doesn't do it right now, 'cause i still have to manually login to my locker and check for newer versions. also.. the login info would be nice if it were saved, i can't think of any reason why it shouldn't.

actually, it looks like the

actually, it looks like the updates notification works, but it's kinda buggy. it takes me to the login screen, which, again, needs manual login, and says the app costs money, doesn't figure out i already have it, but hey, it's an update to an app i already have.
and the first time i tried to update it, it failed to download. had to try 2 times.
also, i'm pretty sure that while downloading the update and pressing the home button, the download stops and the downloading icon disappears.


To prevent abuse in case of theft or stolen device, SAM 4.0 comes with a privacy enhancement - to "forget" sensitive data (credentials - username, password).
Seems like several users already complained about this restriction and we are considering enabling SAM (via SAM settings) to save credentials for a limited period of time (this will reduce the times one have to fill credentials in SAM while still providing basic theft protection).

Having an application installed on a device, doesn't make you eligible of updating it - you may have obtained it from illegal sources.
The Update Notification feature is affected by this restriction and can not verify if you are eligible to update the application from SlideME - in order to be eligible, you need to have the application purchased from SlideME (and this requires signing in). Note, no sign-in is required for free apps.
Although SAM initially shows that you MAY be billed for updating the application, after you login it will check your transactions and update this information (that is, if you are eligible, you will be shown that you can update free of charge).

Failing to download an application can also happen during high loads or when the device has bad network coverage. It is expected that in such cases, a download may fail. Checking your connection would be the first thing to do.

And for the last statement, the download notification does not disappear "just like that". For it to disappear, either the download must fail (in which case it is being replaced by the download failed notification; SAM is forcefully closed - automatically cleaning up notification; If manually clearing notifications screen; Or if the application install is in progress).
Most likely, here is the case when the auto-installer was launched and you are returning to SAM. You can look in the "Recent Applications" (when long-pressing Home key) if there is a Package Installer icon. Tapping it will continue the installation.
We will also add an additional notification in next SAM version that will enable you to resume an installation process to cover this flow.

i have no idea how android

i have no idea how android market works with paid apps, since they aren't available in my country yet, but an option to permanently keep me logged in doesn't seem outrageous, since the same thing exists for my gmail account, my calendar, and just about any other app. a thief stealing my phone would then get instant access to all kinds of sensitive data.
also, i don't use a credit card on my slideme account, i use a debit card, so i will have to worry more about my gmail account then my (empty) card.
we could just have them both, the limited period of time option, and the unlimited one. yeah, with a bunch of warnings and a nice pic with a naked guy/empty pockets, sort of like the pics on the cigarettes packs, oh and a nice disclaimer for you guys :)

you are right about the installed apps, didn't think of that, but if you made that credential option this topic would be useless :)

i'm not so worried about the failed download, stuff like that happens on android market also, prolly 'cos of the network.
but, the first time i updated an app, after the new 4.0 sam version, the download started, the icon appeared in the notification bar, i pressed home immediately and everything just went away from the notification bar. and i just waited and waited and nothing happened.
you may be right about sam closing forcefully and cleaning the notification bar, it seems this would be an explanation for it. i was just worried that from now on i'd have to keep sam open until the download ends.
the second time i updated an app (today) this didn't happen anymore, though, but the download failed, like i said. and i had to go through the whole process one more time, including the login, which was misteriously lost (maybe the app force closed again?? seems like a good reason to lose the login).