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CAUTION - Do not update tablet during the semester

If your Notes are currently important, Do not update/reload your tablet firmware, as this app cannot import prior Notes (fails to)....


Please stop posting the untruth here in the comments!

There are several backup possibilities for the app. Please read

And if you have problems, please contact me at

bug - tracking - queue: touch events

N.B. The tracking slowness includes a bug wherein prior touching the screen before-or-while starting this app. may cause momentary random drawing of scratches and streaks...

please report bugs and

please report bugs and suggestions to

bugs - tracking, printing

1. The tracking is too coarse or too infrequent (Slower looks better).

(I use this app for taking notes in class... I've found some paint-only apps capture the screen touchpoint 2x faster. Please, do 4x faster.)

2. The output .png renders in MSPaint but prints as wholly black....

(That is really weird-- maybe ask MSDN about that... It's probably something like a transparency-color setting.)

3. Sometimes the Eraser stops after rubbing-- without clearing.

4. The single-touch does not show: No decimal point, No period....