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Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

The number of options is extensive, and includes programming a variety of websites from which to get images, re-sizing/filtering images to fit in the display space, choosing local galleries, live webcams, or pre-selected websites (such as National Geographic pic of the day). The downside is the user interface isn't all that clear, and it took me 2 hours just to get a widget with my local slideshow pics in it. Also, there is a bug so that some images are randomly rotated to fit the available space, which isn't very desirable.

This is an app / wallpaper changer / widget that continues the tradition started by Flickr many years ago. It retrieves images off the web (even from live webcams) and then displays them in a slideshow, either changing your background wallpaper entirely, or in a widget frame available in varying sizes.

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