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A new home screen / launcher that I just can't stop using...

I use a lot of launchers and switch and change launchers often, probably because I am a geek, and most likely because there are so many Android choice.

When I am fed up with choosing and trying the latest launcher, I tend to go back to Claystone Launcher time and time again. It's a new launcher so I have suffered through the beta period and have to say the force closes, performance issues, and display problems are gone. Now things run smoothly and it's a very stable product.

I noticed that Claystone does not chew up battery and actually uses less battery than any other launcher I have tried. I can squeeze an extra 1 1/2 hrs out of a charge and get a more functional home screen too.

The developer seems apply a very minimal and efficient use of 3D OpenGL graphics. WHat I like is that they don't overdo effects for the sake of effects. I find a lot of 3D gizmo home screens chew up battery life, lock up my device, and I get a headache from all the 3D. I am not playing a video game, I am using my phone.

Blueberry is the first theme pack Claystone have built. Its a business theme for users who want high contrast, high readability, clean square edges, and function-function-function.

I find the themes a bit conservative and look forward to more eye catching themes and possibly some 3rd Party themes. Maybe an iPhone clone or a neon black gamer theme.

The two of the most useful and unique feature of Claystone are:

(1) View content while browsing your device (video, rss, web pages, etc.) and Claystone loads these content elements into the built in stack system which takes up bout 2/2 of the screen space. Very cool. No more Android app switching over and over again, just to view a bit of content.

(2) Content is stacked into organized pieces. My home screen has for stacks I can switch easily using a stack switching button bar. The launcher organizes content into a Home Page Widget Stack, Folder Stack, RSS/News Feed Stack, and Content Stack. As I use Claystone and load items, the stacks organize things for me and I can swipe left and right to scroll through a stack.

Check out Claystone, it's on SlideMe and now I will install more home screens to satisfy my ongoing quest for the perfect home screen….

Claystone is a beta and we would like to hear your feedback

I just added Claystone to the SlideME community and we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Our goal was to create a home screen replacement that we hoped would allow you to get more done without having to launch lots of Android viewing apps.We use 3D stacks to organize your apps, videos, photo, RSS feeds, and files. It;s quite different from other launchers and we are working to find the balance between innovation and familiarity.

We are working on the following issues for upcoming betas:

- Performance improvements for all devices
- Transparent panels for a lighter visual style, with a clearer view of your wallpaper
- Widget enhancements
- More settings and customization
- Currently the orientation is locked to landscape-- we will support portrait / landscape switching in future releases

If you have any other ideas or recommendations please let me know.

We are curious to see how many of you will be installing Claystone on a tablet?
Users have told us that Claystone really takes advantage of the screen size (landscape support is on the horizon