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home page of the project is

Change log:

* fixed: adding definition to word list, copy or email did not add the source dictionary in online mode
* fixed: emailing definition in offline mode added the source dictionary name to the end of the link, not at the end of the definition

+ word completion hints - also with wildcards
+ ENTER and DPAD starts a definition search
+ ENTER and DPAD toggle soft keyboard
+ menu item Email for definitions
* changed menu item Copy to friendlier character coding
+ Email and Delete word list
+ inverted colors (see Preferences screen)
+ send logs to developer (see About screen)
- removed Internet search delay setting from the Preference Screen

Added weekely check for newer versions.
Added sorting by dictionary source: DEX, DOOM, etc
Added showing explanation source: [DEX], [DOOM], etc
Fixed decreaseing of font size bug - on Motorola Milestone