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iHerd iHerd v1.0


iHerd has been designed to simplify the herd management process for station owners and managers around the world.

iHerd has a server backend which enables advanced management and reporting as well as allowing multiple devices synchronize your data. Thanks to industry support, this web service is FREE and allows registration, customization and entry of user details.

Rivalling the most advanced cattle management software, the app regularly synchronizes all of your property and paddock data between managers. This gives you the ability to keep track of all your head, paddock details and property ID numbers whilst on the job.

Other features include a treatment cabinet that keeps inventory of your on-site chemicals, including treatments your animals are receiving and many more.

Synchronization between devices and the server means that all of your data is automatically updated from an iPhone or an iPad into an existing database, saving you time and boosting your stations overall productivity. Multiple users can manage the same property, treatment cabinet, herd changes and movements if they have been invited to the primary user’s account.

The App is designed by a serious property owner / livestock manager with a three generation connection to a large Australian property station group they operate with the help of managers. iHerd is the ultimate in Herd and livestock Management.

Produced by iApps Pty Ltd in conjunction with some of the largest cattle organisations in Australia.

Key features include:
• Property Management - enter details about your properties, yards and paddocks. Information is generated to help you assess the total number of cattle, the stocking rate, and the total size.
• Herds can be categorized by group, subgroup and breed.
• Herd Management - by property or paddock or yard movement / treatment record.
• Herd numbers by type (group, breed) and location (property, paddock, yard).
• Invite other users to help manage your account, with intuitive and fine-grained access controls that allow you to give them access to just a single property, your entire account, or everything in between. Invitations allow level of access from No Access (then override for a certain paddock) read only, read write, and admin.
• Manage movements between properties you manage, purchases, births, deaths, treatments, sales, lost and found, including a comprehensive history of each.
• Server will hold records which can in future be accessed via an iHerd account.
• Server records movement history / lost and found herds, allows property to property transfers on your account
• Tally counting.
• Transfers of cattle between paddocks, yards, and properties (server required), with automatic accounting and auditing.
• Treatment cabinet enables you to manage batches of specific chemical containers, recording of quantities and dosing size and purchase date / expiry date of pesticides and medicines held and used by each property.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Android 2.2
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Android 2.2
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
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Access network state, Internet, Read phone state

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