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Plumber 94 Plumber 94 v1.08

Plumber - favorite game lovers of puzzles without time. Build a pipeline!

Puzzle Kids Puzzle Kids v1.0

Puzzle Kids

jigsaw puzzle jigsaw puzzle v1.0

You can play jigsaw puzzle from lots of images, even from your own photos.

Jigsaw Puzzle Master Jigsaw Puzzle Master v1.0.6

Free Jigsaw Puzzle Game

4sides 4sides v1.2.1-s

New puzzle with a simple and original gameplay.

Slide and Jigsaw Puzzles Free Slide and Jigsaw Puzzles Free v1.0.2

Play slide puzzle and jigsaw puzzle with beautiful images of beautiful flower, fish, and birds in high definition.

Instinct Puzzle Instinct Puzzle v4.5.9.3

★ Unusual magical puzzles, you know if you have played.
★ Обычные волшебные пазлы, кто играл тот знает.
★ Dieses Puzzlespiel ist ein gewöhnliches Zauberpuzzle, wer das einmal gespielt hat, der weiß worum es geht.
★ 一般的神奇拼圖遊戲,玩過的都知道.

Destroy museum Destroy museum v2.0

The museum destroyed! Rescue the pictures! Learn who writte they!

Tricky Twister Tricky Twister v1.0

Rotate hexagon circles in a kaleidoscope of colorful tiles and blast the board!

Kids' Jigsaw Puzzles Kids' Jigsaw Puzzles v1.8.2Sl

Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles - free puzzle game for kids starting 3 years old. Jigsaw Puzzles for kids is wonderful game for girls and for boys, toddlers of any age, preschool, kindergarten and older children. We have created best jigsaw puzzle like game for kids as much realistic as it can be. If you’re looking for toddler matching games, here they are. Kids’ jigsaw puzzle game can be interesting, entertaining and can educate your children in creative way.

Griddleton Griddleton v2.1

Griddleton is a puzzle game in which images arranged in a grid must be matched in pairs in order to advance.

DrawBlock DrawBlock v1.0.2.4

90 various kinds of puzzles for free!
Cute picture puzzle hiding behind!

Ball Arrangement Ball Arrangement v1.1

Can you arrange the ball as the forms given within 3 minutes?

Puzzle Puzzle v1.4.5

Cool FREE jigsaw puzzle game for Your kids!

Motion Puzzle Motion Puzzle v1.2

Brings Motion into your Jigsaw Puzzles Experience

PolyFill PolyFill v1.3

A puzzle game to exercise your brain.

Building Cubes Building Cubes v1

Please, help the boy to build a house that he’ll live together with his girlfriend. The type of game is match3. The guy works on a building site. You earn money for him that he will buy a house, if you knock out blocks of the same color.

123 Domino 123 Domino v1.00

123 Domino, dominos for kids.
A logical game of dominos, from 2 years old.

Puzzles Different Puzzles Different v1.0

Puzzles Different - quite an interesting game.
The aim of this game is that you should fold of the elements (pieces) cut pictures.
After touching the selected puzzle (piece), you can drag it to a new location. And so you need to act until the image is fully folded.

Tile Photo Puzzle Tile Photo Puzzle v2.4.1

130+ photos in 4 categories. You can also create puzzles from your own photos.