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refund for game app that does not work?

Hi all,

I downloaded a game (Routewords) that does not display properly, therefore does not work, on my HTC Tattoo (cupcake) phone. There was no warning about the game not displaying properly on my phone, so I have requested a refund or a credit but have not been graced with a reply.

Any suggestions?


Contact support

The process entails confirmation from developer for refunds. Expect a reply for refunds from support.


medusas live wallpaper

I've purchased Marissa live wallpaper and downloaded it three times and my Archos 101cant find it.

T98282 U62835




Do not expect to find wallpaper based apps like you do normal applications.

Keep pressed on home screen of your device, select wallpapers and set 'wallpaper' from there.

For any issues not related to 3rd party applications, please contact support.


Thank you but I know how to select wallpaper. I just need to know why its not there after I download it.

It's the program transfer that is the problem.


try to re-download

Try to re-download again from SAM 4.0+, Menu > More > StorageLocker your already purchased application.
After download, installer will initiate and make sure it completes. If it completes, then its installed.

medusas wallpaper

Anyone else downloaded this wallpaper. Installed it and went to set it and it wasn't there? Anyone?


LED flashlight

Not working in my devise samsung galaxy s after purshased

Memory Booster Full version

I paid $2.99 for this Memory Booster full version and when I downloaded it, it ask for a registration number which I put in the same ID that was above and said it failed that was the only number I only received!!!!! I entered it all correctly this is not right!!!!! I should receive a refund for this didnot work at all!!! something is messed up here for I did not get the right Number to work the program and I paid for a progam that doesnot work!!!!!!!

Developer contact

We will try to initiate contact with developer for you ( to follow up with you if they need to provide some other key for your app purchase.

You can also use the above link to contact developer or wait for direct contact from developer.

We hope this issue is swiftly resolved for you.

Memory Booster Full version $2.99

Last night I downloaded the Memory Booster Full version when it came time to open it, it had ask for a registration number which I had put in which I thought was the ID # that was above the space which was (012571000263695)I paut this in and said failed over and over again so I uninstalled the program and reinstalled the program with the numbers and still didnot work. There is something really messed up with this program for there is no registration number that came with the program!!! for to make it work right! so I would like a refund to my account or find the registration number to match!!! which I beleave there is none. This program does not work!!! So please get back with some answers or a refund!!!

Maybe wrong key

Did you try the key that came within your email (when you purchased app) which is the same that appears on your transaction detailed view?


There was no key that came with email!!

what email!

when I brought the program I did not receive a email till the next morning with no key at all except the price I paid form you for $2.99!!!!


In same email there is a key. You have also raised a support issue and it has been assigned a ticket ID. Please copy and paste your complete email you received in reply to the support ticket.

From your transactions list, you will see for that specific transaction a key. Please try that key.

Id #

ID# or Key that I had for my device is 012571000263695 that is it I need the key!

nothing in Transactions!!

There was nothing in the transction for a key at all accept for the $2.99 no link for a key!!!! or nothing to paste!!! did not see!!!! anything


In the email receipt you received, there is a key.
In addition to under your transaction details there is the same key. Please try that.
Further, reply to the ticket from support so we don't flood this thread with your personal support resolution.

Got to Work!!!

Whent to Trransaction details and got activation dey and put it in and got the program to work!!!!! thank You very much! for getting me to that site for I would never had gotten the key any other way!!!! Case closed!!!!!


I downloaded the main programme ok but when it opens it says it has to dl another 20Mb to proceed. It starts then crashes. It is my first game dl and not a good start... what can I do??

Re: Quake

We have opened a support ticket for you.