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India GK Questions India GK Questions v1.0.1

This Application will improve your general knowledge about India. Application will help you in your carrer plan and helps in preparation of other government exams. Here you will be able to know some of the important things happened, History events , Insight into Politics , Knowledge about Economy, Geography, Famous Places and Culture

Aptitude Interview Questions Aptitude Interview Questions v1.0.1

Aptitude Interview Questions provide you a wide range of questions that can be asked during an Interview or in Written Test. The application answers most commonly asked Aptitude either in Written test or in the interview and the questions are divided in sections for ease of use.

Speak Spanish in 12 days Free Speak Spanish in 12 days Free v1.1.3

Speak Spanish in just 12 days. This app will allow you to learn Spanish very fast.

PHP Programming Reference Free PHP Programming Reference Free v1.1.3

The best Collection of PHP Reference Cards

Several Cheat Sheets in your mobile to have the exact syntax wherever you go.

Vocalicious Vocalicious v2.1

This app is targeted to the users who are short on time but, need to improve vocablury, prepare for GRE/GMAT or just like learning words as part of their hobby.

Gutenberg eReader Gutenberg eReader v6.01

Gutenberg eReader app gives you access to the entire Project Gutenberg ebook library with a single touch. Search by author, subject, title to find the book quickly and easily. An addition Google search provides fast results.

Kids Fun ABCD Kids Fun ABCD v1.0

Welcome to world of KIDS with ABCD with sounds and images with lots of fun and more fun....
School books are felt borring sometimes for kids so at this time they need teaching with some
fun so they can enjoy and encourage to learn something.

SpruchKlopfer SpruchKlopfer v2.8

So ein paar grundgelehrte Zitate zieren den ganzen Menschen (Heinrich Heine, dt. Dichter)

SpruchKlopfer ist ein Widget für deinen Screen. Er zeigt dir
täglich praktische Sprüche und Zitate.
Merke sie dir gut und wende sie in Diskussionen oder Gesprächen an. SpruchKlopfer enthält keine Sammlung aus tausenden Zitaten, sondern eine praktische Auswahl.

Das Widget muss zuerst auf den Homescreen gezogen werden, sonst sieht man nichts!!

Currency-Converter Currency-Converter v1.0

I think is the best conversion tool for everyone

* Live update from Yahoo service

* Currencies flags

* It's free with no ads.

Guitar Tools Guitar Tools v2.2.6

Guitar Chords - Guitar Scales - Guitar Tunings

印紙税額一覧 印紙税額一覧 v0.0.7


Area Calculator Area Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Area related values using this utility tool.

Trigonometry Calculator Trigonometry Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Trigonometry using this simple utility tool.

Scientific-Calculator Scientific-Calculator v1.0

Scientific Calculator includes the following features:
* Traditional algebraic or RPN operation
* Result history
* Math Functions
* Percentages
* Binary, octal, and hexadecimal conversion
* Large input/output display

I believe it is the best tool for everone get it it's free.

センター試験英語筆記H23 センター試験英語筆記H23 v0.0.5


A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go_ads A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go_ads v1.0

A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go
Randolph Caldecott

YemekTarifleri YemekTarifleri v1.0

Özellikle günlük hayatta en çok tercih ettiğimiz yemekleri anlatmaya çalıştım afiyet olsun :) makarnalar için ayrı bölüm mevcut(öğrenciler için :D)

Animal Alphabets Animal Alphabets v1.1

An approach to teach the kids to learn Alphabet with fun. "Animal alphabet" app helps the kids to write and learn alphabets with sounds of animals. The app creates interest in kids to know animals and teaches alphabets at same time.

Texting Emoticons Texting Emoticons v1.0

This app contains a huge list of tons of emoticons! Impress your friends with emoticons you "just made up"!

SteveJobs SteveJobs v1.0.2

Everything you ever wanted to know about Steve Jobs!