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CSS Vade Mecum CSS Vade Mecum v1.3.5

CSS Vade Mecum is a manual for ready CSS reference. It provides a summary of the most essential CSS properties accompanied with interactive demonstrations. Application can be used by students learning Web design and development, by experienced webmasters and designers, or by any blogger who wants to go beyond predefined blogging templates.

HQLator HQLator v1.2.1

When you download a file, it is important to check its authenticity and integrity. HQLator is a Cryptographic Hash Calculator computing file checksums and message digests - a unique and compacted representation of downloaded and local files. Message digest ensures data integrity and guarantees that your files have not been altered by unauthorized or unknown means.

Inner Space Inner Space v1.0.1

Inner Space is a file archiver supporting the most popular archive formats on the Web - BZIP2, GZIP, TAR and ZIP. In addition, Inner Space is a full-featured file manager. The application allows users to create new directories, move and delete files, bookmark folders, share files and get their properties.

Texenta Texenta v1.4.2

Texenta is a lightweight text editor allowing users to create and format brief memos and save them to the internal storage or the SD card.

Vektoria Vektoria v1.2

Vektoria is a mobile image viewer and converter displaying Scalable Vector Graphics files. Application works with both SVG and SVGZ files, converts SVG into PNG graphics, extracts SVG metadata and transforms images into data URLs.

Visual Shell Visual Shell v2.1.6

Android Visual Shell is a utility providing access to the platform internals. It gives detailed information about installed applications, native browser capabilities and processes running in the system.

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