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#milgram #milgram v3.0.0

#milgram is trivial logic game with very simple and interesting main idea. You are given randomly picked actors and you must connect them, with minimum steps. Actors can be connected if they have a common movie, in which they've both played a role. Thus, there are many possible ways to win the game. Good luck!

1 Pic Plus 1 Pic Plus v1.0.9

Look at the scrambled picture puzzle and try to guess the word. If you like word quiz games, you'll love this new family game!

1 Sentence 1 Word 1 Sentence 1 Word v1.0

One Sentence one word is best game that increase your guessing power as well as word power.

1 Word 10 Tries 1 Word 10 Tries v3

1 Word 10 Tries is an addicting highscores word search game in which you have 10 tries to guess the word on the screen! 3 difficulties hundreds of words included!

10 x Blocks 10 x Blocks v1.0

Blocks x 10 Puzzle is a simple and challenging puzzle game. Test and improve your puzzle solving skills. Blocks x 10 Puzzle is fun, educational and addictive, great for any age both adult and children. You can challenge and compete with your friends and family.
- 3 difficulties
- No time limit
- No color matching

If you like block, cube or 1010 puzzles, simple mind and brain training casual games this is a must have.

100 Answers 100 Answers v1.0.0

Get ready for the definitive quiz game! Take a challenge and see how many true answers you can give.

100 Floors 2013 100 Floors 2013 v1.18

Challenge yourself in this fun and popular puzzle game
Solve the puzzle and advance to the next floor. Be the one to reach the topfloor and tell your friends about it. In this game logical solutions are in focus.

100 Sentō 100 Sentō v1.0.6

~The Stage is OASIS of the People~
Solve the secret in these Japanese bath "Sentō",
Open the door and escape!!

1001blocks 1001blocks v1.02

1001 Blocks is a challenging block puzzle game with more than 1000 levels to solve.

100Doors 100Doors v1.2.0

100 Doors: Classic Escape is a perfect brain teaser.

123 Domino 123 Domino v1.00

123 Domino, dominos for kids.
A logical game of dominos, from 2 years old.

1234! 1234! v1.0.10

- It's happy to make rectangle!

15 15 v1.0.1

15 Photo Puzzle sliding game. You can slice and slide your photos and images to solve the puzzle and reocover original image.

15 Puzzle 15 Puzzle v2.3

15 Puzzle - A classic puzzle with sliding tiles. An entertaining mind game.

15+1 15+1 v1.4

Not the classic fifteen puzzle, this time you must order also the 16th number!

1Word! 1Word! v1.1.15

To all of you CrossWords lovers and other word-game afficionados.
1Word is the best companion to keep your taste for words and letters up to date.

2 Pics 1 Phrase 2 Pics 1 Phrase v1.0.5

More word fun for those who enjoyed 4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle! Look at two pictures and guess a popular phrase, expression or idiom.

2 Pics 1 Word 2 Pics 1 Word v1.0.6

Simple and very addictive game for the whole family! If you liked 4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle, this game is for you. Two excellent brain teasers in one package!

20 Sizes 20 Sizes v2

Arrange with haste!

21 21 v1.3

21 is an addictive puzzle game, just add up and achieve the goal.