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Reminder Reminder v1.4

Simple Reminder application helps you to remember anything which is important to you.
-Need to remember an important date?
-Do not want to be late for a meeting?
-Need to take medication at a certain time?
-An important job to do at a specific day and time?

Time Tracker Time Tracker v3.0

A easy to use app help people to improve producitvity. With this app, you can log your time fragment and check how you spent your time.

MyPhoneExplorer Client MyPhoneExplorer Client v1.0.32

MyPhoneExplorer is a powerful phone management software for your desktop PC. Some features:
- sync your phone with Outlook, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lotus Notes, Tobit David, Windows Contacts, Windows Calendar,...
- manage your SMS, call logs, apps, files, handle calls, create backups...
Connection via WiFi, USB-Cable or Bluetooth.
This is the client which is needed for phone, you'll need also the desktop-software which can be downloaded at

Device Sensors Device Sensors v1.0

This app helps you to find out which built-in sensors your Android device supports. Sensor availability varies from device to device. Most of the android device supports these sensors: accelerometer, temperature sensor, gravity, light sensor, linear acceleration, magnetic field, pressure, proximity, humidity and rotation vector.

Task Killer Task Killer v1.5

Task Killer is the best app to manage and kill applications and services!

Weeky Weeky v4.02

Weeky - Your Weekly Schedule!

Interval Audio Ad Interval Audio Ad v3.0

This app does not aim to compete as a full-featured audio recorder. Neither does it aim to compete as a comprehensive 24x7 monitoring audio recorder. What it does is to provide a cheap way to do monitoring of say your baby sleeping posture, baby playing alone by themselves etc.

Audio Config Audio Config v4.0

This app help to centralize all audio settings related like various streams volume control, mute-ness and default action to take when headset plug in or plug out in one place. Although most other apps already have something similar, the option to control some of the features are spread around where you need to hunt around for the correct settings to change.

QwickNote QwickNote v1.0

Control your life and Never Forget Again!

Fast, simple and practical notes taking app, usable for: todos, alarms, reminders, work related, quotes, diaries, tweets, messages, etc.

Clip Box Clip Box v1.0.4

Clip Box is a simple and easy app that manage Clipboard and save its history.

ZUI Locker ZUI Locker v1.1.4

A simple, elegant screen locker!

MKC MKC v1.0.12

MKCommander (MKC) is superb, most customizable, file commander / file manager / file explorer / file browser for Android devices on the Market!

NO ADS! Permission needed are listed and described below...

EarSmart EarSmart v1.09

When you plug your EarPhone or Bluetooth in, it will automatically run selected app(s).Like a power amp. That's it. So simple

Lock Screen - Wallet Theme Lock Screen - Wallet Theme v5.2.2

Unzip your screen in style!!!
**10+ themes plus custom theme builder***

MobiDB Project Management MobiDB Project Management v3.2.1.118

Comprehensive project management app

My Mobile Mouse My Mobile Mouse v1.0

My Mobile Mouse behaves as wireless remote for your Computer. This application requires Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in order to function. It frame your work proficient with its derivate keypad and mouse. This app is equipped with keyboard shortcuts.

DesktopDroidx DesktopDroidx v1.0.4

Keep your favorite files and apps one tap away by placing them on your home screen.

PBlocker PBlocker v1.0

The program for selective purification of memory

Ideal Player Ideal Player v1.0.17

Ideal Player is an ideal media player for audio books, music and video.
Intuitive menus , playback continues from last pause position, continuous folder playback and more.

Virtual Film Maker Virtual Film Maker v1.1.25

Virtual Film Maker provides the easiest way to combine the best fragments of video,
photo and text files into a continuous presentation.
If you want some of the following:
- to show some best fragments to your mom
- to show some fragments of your vacations footage
- to make a presentation for your colleagues
- to create a montage sketch for your next real movie chef-d'oeuvre
- to make a video for a high school project without hard editing
then you are in the right place.