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Advanced Tip Calculator Advanced Tip Calculator v1.0.1

Advanced Tip Calculator is a free app to make the tip calculation easy. In addition to tip splitting and rounding features that many other tip calculators have, it also has saving as history and email feature, making it a perfect app to keep track of all dinning expenses. The user interface is very simple and easy to use.

Sports Calculator Sports Calculator v2.0

Sports calc: Calculate & track baseball, basketball, Football and ice-hockey.

Calculator Calculator v1.0

***** Scientific Calculator ******

Simple and Easy to use scientific calculator for Android tablet. Use it once and you will never use any other calculator on any other device ever.

Cooltips Cooltips v1.4

A FREE and HANDY application which helps you calculate your dining tips.

Simplator Simplator v1.4

Simplator - Simple utility calculator that computes commonly used calculations e.g. salary, mortgage, amortization, discount, age, percentage calculation, number conversions (binary, decimal, hexadecimal), CGPA, GPA/SGPA and amount per quantity.

Tip Tax and Split Tip Tax and Split v2.4

Free! Easy to use tip calculator. The perfect tool you need to calculate the desired tip with or without tax and split the bill between all your friends.

Health Calculator Health Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Health using this simple utility tool.

Calculator Multi Calculator Multi v1.0.3

Multi Calculator Lite
Multi Calculator is a multipurpose calculator that features:
-Inflation Calc :counts price value with inflation for future new value.Needed for insurance people.
-Mortgage Calc :counts the monthly mortgage according to mortgage rate and total months of mortgage
-Discount Calc :easily counts discounts price using slide bar

Get full version for unlimited calculation and no ads.
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FX-602P Simulator FX-602P Simulator v6.0(10)

FX-602P Programmable Calculator is a programmable scientific calculator based on the FX-602P. See the FX-602P website
or blog
for details

Calculator Calculator v1.0

Simple and Easy to use scientific calculator for Android tablet. Use it once and you will never use any other calculator on any other device ever.

BTU Calculator BTU Calculator vBTU Calculator 2

  • This application calculate the BTU's needed for heating or cooling an area.
  • Esta aplicação permite calcular os BTU's necessários para aquecer ou arrefecer determinada area.

University Budget Calculator University Budget Calculator v2.0

A handy tool to plan on your university budget wisely.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0

BMI calculator for you. Check your BMI with this app. Great app for everyone!

SPIcalculator SPIcalculator v1.0

this app is for college students who often need to find their results from grade. so this app will useful to find out their credit.

BMI BMI v1.2

BMI Calculator and tracker

Diamond Calculator Diamond Calculator v21

• Scientific Calculator with Diamond
• Unlimited decimal places
• Keys and Background you can configure to your liking.
• Features Cats, Diamonds, Transparent and normal keys.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0

Calculate your body mass index and know what your exact weight should be.

Fat Fat Calculator Fat Fat Calculator v1.1

A simple app helps calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index).

Fat Fat Calculator (Eng Version) Fat Fat Calculator (Eng Version) v1

A simple app helps calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index).

Calculator Calculator v1.7

This calculator can perform up to 10 digit calculation.
You can use it in your daily life.
Application helps to maintain budgets, calculation any where any on just a click.
Very interactive interface is implemented.

Key features:
Easier to use .
Light weight software .
Portrait and landscape screen supported.
Functionality such as square root, memory store etc.