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Calculator Multi Calculator Multi v1.0.2

Multi Calculator Lite
Description : Multi Calculator is a multipurpose calculator that features:
-Inflation Calc :counts price value with inflation for future new value.Needed for insurance people.
-Mortgage Calc :counts the monthly mortgage according to mortgage rate and total months of mortgage
-Discount Calc :easily counts discounts price using slide bar

CoolCalc-Pink/GelPink CoolCalc-Pink/GelPink v3.0

A cool pink calculator

CoolCalc-Pink/CarbonFiber CoolCalc-Pink/CarbonFiber v3.0

A cool Pink Calculator

CoolCalc-Pink/CircuitBoard CoolCalc-Pink/CircuitBoard v3.0

A cool pink calculator

CoolCalc-Pink/GelViolet CoolCalc-Pink/GelViolet v3.0

A cool pink calculator

Free Loan Assistant Free Loan Assistant v1.0

Free of charge Loan assitant will help you to calculate regular payment and total payment. Easy to use.

Currency Converter Currency Converter v1.2

Calculate money from one currency to other according to live exchange rates.

A Better Date Calculator FREE A Better Date Calculator FREE v1.0.16

Easy to use, multi-functional Date Calculator/Age Calculator/Unixtime converter/Timezone calculator/Leap Year calculator.

Simplator Pro Simplator Pro v1.1

Simplator Pro - Simple utility calculator that computes commonly used calculations e.g. salary, mortgage, amortization, discount, age, percentage calculation, number conversions (binary, decimal, hexadecimal), CGPA, GPA/SGPA and amount per quantity.

No matter what you do in your daily life, Simplator Pro has functions that you will find handy!

* Easy to use Interface.

* 60+ calculations.

* No advertisements.

* Calculations distributed among 4 Categories.

Toddler Percentile Calculator Toddler Percentile Calculator v1.0.0

Calculates height and weight percentiles for children up to six years of age

Calorie Calculator Calorie Calculator v1.0.7

Calculate Your Daily Caloric Needs.

Interest Calculator Pro Interest Calculator Pro v1.0.0

Calculate interest (compounded or not) for bank deposits, etc.

Graphing Calculator Free Graphing Calculator Free v0.9.9.84

A graphing calculator designed for ease of use and familiarity with common graphing and scientific calculators.

-Graphing with point tracing
-Graph Functions (Zeros, Min, Max, Intersection)
-Graph Parametric and Polar Equations
-Matrix operations
-Generic Derivatives
-Triangle Solver
-Complex numbers
-Full equation history
-Definite Integrals
-Variable and Function storage

UnixHelper UnixHelper v1.4

This application help to calculate cronjob strings and chmod strings.

HP-45 Emulator HP-45 Emulator v6.0(10)

A scientific calculator based on the classic HP-45 calculator.

Calcscript Calcscript v1.7.1

Calcscript is an advanced calculator that uses simple programming language based on Golfscript.

Valculator Valculator v2.0

Calculate Your voice by speaking calculations and get result.

Health Math Center Health Math Center v1.05

The most attractive, simple and beautiful Health Index Calculator!

Mortgage And Loan Mortgage And Loan v1.1

Free! Easy to use mortgage calculator or loan calculator. Use it to calculate mortgage payments, car payments or personal loan payments. Calculate monthly payments. Find out how much the loan is costing you by seeing how much the total loan payment is and how much of it is interest. Also view an amortize schedule of each loan payment and balance for the life of the loan.

555 Calculator License 555 Calculator License v1.0

Donation license for the NE555 Calculator app.