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GPA Calculator GPA Calculator v1.0

This is a simple GPA calculator for Android. The concept code is used in several US colleges.
Planned features:
- Save Grades
- Mobile transcript

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TouchCalculator TouchCalculator v1.1

Trendy All function Scientific calculator for students.

Bitcoin Calculator Bitcoin Calculator v1.0

Bitcoin / Altcoins converter and calculator.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0

An andriod app in Bangla for calculating Body Mass index(BMI).

Calculator Calculator v1.3

Perform simple calculations through handwriting recognition or using the keypad

HD Currency Calculator Free HD Currency Calculator Free v1.1.2

HD Currency Calculator and Converter with more than 180 currencies and 4 metals and graphs

CAL CAL v2.0

meant for small calculations to save your precious time. Updated. It now gives appropriate values for tan, cos and sine functions. Now it also has a log, remainder and exponential functions.

medPSA medPSA v12.7.1

PSA values ​​are taken from the laboratory to calculate

 - PSADT (doubling time)
 - PSAV (velocity)
- PHI (Prostate Health Index)

My Draft Survey My Draft Survey v1.0

Marine Draft Survey - Basic cargo calculation for bulk ships

PAYE TAX Calculator PAYE TAX Calculator v1.1

PAYE TAX Calculator is an application for calculating UK Tax on your earnings (Pay As You Earn). It produces details calculation including Total Allowance, Tax Due, Employee and Employer National Insurance. This is a free version which does not guaranty update on time and may contain advertisement.

If you like this application, please do not hesitate to buy the paid version which is advert free and update will be available as soon as Tax rate/details has changed.

Calculate Capacitor PRO Calculate Capacitor PRO v1.0.3

With "Calculate Capacitor" you simply enter the Capacitor Code, and "Calculate Capacitor" will give you the values in PicoFarad, NanoFarad, MicroFarad for you!

Now with "Calculate Capacitor PRO", you can enter values in Micro, Pico and Nano Farad, and the app will give you the Capacitor Code.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0

Calculate your Body Mass Index easily with this simple app.

Both metric and impreial units are supported.

Quick Quadratics Quick Quadratics v1.2

This app will calculate the solutions to a quadratic equation in standard form.

Automotive Calculators Automotive Calculators v1.1

Automotive calculators for car enthusiasts.

Heart Risk Calculator Heart Risk Calculator v1.1.0

Calculate your heart disease risk score.

QFitness QFitness v2.0

Are you in your right weight? Check it easily with this app. It will calculate your BMI,BMR,TDEE,Body Fat and will let you know if you are underweight, in good weight or overweight.

gbaCalc gbaCalc v1.1.8a

Decimal calculator inspired by printing calculators. All operations are shown in a scrolling window like on a paper roll. Decimal fixed point with rounding, percentage and tax calculations suited for commercial use. RPN-like operation mode. Edit operations, Send by email, save and restore from file. You download a free trial version with limited features. Paying $1.95 is part of the registration process and will remove this limit.

Name Match 2012 Name Match 2012 v1.2

Calculate whether two people fit together based on first names. Based on an ancient Scandinavian love formula. This can be used to cross check the class lists as well as employee lists :)

StapelRechner StapelRechner v1.2

An App as an alternative to a normal calculator. It works with a stack, so you have to enter your statemments in a different order.

Calc-IT Calc-IT v1.12

Calculator with many different layouts to choose from.