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Shift Work Schedule Shift Work Schedule v2.1.3

Shift Work Schedule is a calendar Widget for people who work shifts + Alarms

Gravity Ring Gravity Ring v1.1.0

It's pinball in space. It's pool in a gravitational anomaly. It's Gravity Ring.

Collect the red, blue and green orb with a single shot in the given amount of time.
Slide with your finger horizontally to change the angle and vertically to change force of your trajectory.
Hit the gravity core (center of the gravity ring) when ready!

Get ready to have your mind blown in 150 levels across 5 episodes.

Check Car Engine Check Car Engine v1.77

Check the state of motor oil, and perform the rapid diagnosis of vehicle engine.

Check Car Engine Pro Check Car Engine Pro v1.77

Check the state of motor oil, and perform the rapid diagnosis of vehicle engine. Advanced edition.

Kings of Mathematics Free Kings of Mathematics Free v1.01

Improve yourself by playing with the King of mathematics!

Statistics Box Statistics Box v1.2

Statistical descriptive & discrete probability functions calculator, instant data table & graph maker, permutation & collection calculator, all-in-one!

Weather Foreseer Weather Foreseer v2.3.4.x3

Weather Foreseer is the best Android Widget for Climate and Weather Forecast

iProfit iProfit v1.0

iProfit is a currency converter and calculator for finding a profitable exchanges.

DAI DAI v3.2.01

For all applications of security rank, see which application the most rogue!

Fretter Lite Fretter Lite v2.3

The smartest guitar, banjo, ukulele chordfinder there is!

TriMemory TriMemory v1.10

Improve your visual memory to the next level pairing three cards of a kind.

Quadratic Equation Solver Quadratic Equation Solver v1.6

A simple and easy to use app which solves your Quadratic Equations for you!

lessMORE lessMORE v1.3

Let’s fun with compare math game. Just choose less than or greater than.

Matrix Calculator Matrix Calculator v1.2

A straightforward and functional app to solve your matrix calculations.

Multi-converter(Free) Multi-converter(Free) v2.0.31.10

Is a fully featured unit
converter & calculator with more than 1200 Units .

Brain Twist Brain Twist v1.3

take your brain to a simple challenge of pace with this extremely simple app. it will help jog your mind with its over 200 levels that ask for your creativity and ability to solve problems under certain static conditions. there is a combination of both maths and grammar

GetFit - Calorie Consumption GetFit - Calorie Consumption v1.1

Calculate how many calories you burn at different activities.

Mahjong Mania! Mahjong Mania! v1.0.2

Can you clear all the boards filled with beautiful chinese tiles? Mahjong Mania!

Invasion Invasion v1.31

Space Adventures will not let you get bored, you think you're pretty agile?

DiabeLog DiabeLog v4.0

Diabelog is a very effective solution to manage your type-1 diabetes.