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SimpleMMO SimpleMMO v0.8.7

SimpleMMO is a simple, lightweight, text based massive multiplayer online role playing game.

JumperBall JumperBall v1.0

JumperBall is the most addictive game ever Floppy Ball!

Image Mania Image Mania v3.1

Amazing quiz with images!

boxy boxy v1.0.0

juego para saltar y correr probando tu destreza jugando con Boxy/ game to jump and run proving your skill playing with Boxy

Draw & Run Draw & Run v1.03

Help the main character to overcome obstacles. Draw and run!

Logical Loop Logical Loop vHashcube1.0.1

Help a Robot escape from the facility in this original game!

Solve.meLite Solve.meLite v1.0.3

Exercise your brain solving simple arithmetic operation at any time, any place!

Dead Trap Dead Trap v1.001

Survive a horde of undead. Start drills to earn money and buy upgrades.

Merge the blocks Merge the blocks v1.0

Merge the two light-colored blocks by sliding blocks.

Muffins and Apples Muffins and Apples v13

Help Chris survive as long as possible by eating only muffins and apples!

Minotaur's Labyrinth Minotaur's Labyrinth v10_ArrOwz

Randomly generated free maze game with traps, weapons, magic, jokes, allies & monsters in a mythological setting. Now with different modes & difficulty. Try to beat the clock or outrun zombies & more!


This is a platformer game where you need control two stickmans. Your goal is to put them in to pencil box!

Drop Escape Drop Escape v1.5

Let's create a pathway and let's break out like a billiard block.

Durak Durak v1.0

Play a game of Durak! Don't be the Fool! Outwit Your Friends and Foes! Don't be the Last One Remaining With Cards!

Word Connect Word Connect v1.0

This is most entertaining & addictive word puzzle game ever.

Birdy Birdy v1.00

Buy upgrades and fly as far as possible. v1.0 multiplayer online pixel shooter arena

Escape From Planet 1337 Escape From Planet 1337 v1.2

Do you have the SkillZ to Escape from Planet 1337 ?

Magic Hat Magic Hat v1.0 beta 4

Magic hat - throw a ball into the magic hat. Select the right trajectory and force of throw so as the ball dodges all obstacles and hits the hat.

Gun Box Gun Box v1.0.0.3

Gun Box is a crazy shooting game where all that really matters is to reach the highest scores.