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Amazing Breaker Amazing Breaker v1.0

Amazing Breaker is a very atmospheric and colorful android game in which there is no dizzying plot, but it has enough puzzles and tasks that will surely make your brain tense.

Math Puzzles Math Puzzles v1.21

Math puzzles, visual puzzles and lateral thinking

Flood'Em All Flood'Em All v1.2

A new flood it game with beautiful colored spheres and some game variants!

RectrumGame RectrumGame v1.2

The type of riddles you never played yet

Pull The Tail Pull The Tail v1.2

Use your logic and plan you actions in this game for Android.

Fail Man Fail Man v1.0.1

The most stupid hero come to our trolling click and point puzzle games series

Blocks Blocks v1.0.5a

Blocks is a challenging roll puzzle game

Row Puzzle Row Puzzle v1.1

Row puzzle for kids free. Linear puzzle.

Tomb of King Tomb of King v1.1

Tomb of King is simple and fun puzzle game

A-Maze-Ball A-Maze-Ball v2.7.1

A Maze Ball is an addictive and challenging time based maze game.

A-Maze-Ball A-Maze-Ball v2.6.3

A Maze Ball is an addictive and challenging time based maze game.

BlocksMania BlocksMania v1.0.0

Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age.
Simply Drag the blocks, and fill up all space.
From now on, let's enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle game! Try it for FREE now!

Intense Creatures Intense Creatures v1.0

Unique Match 3 Puzzle Game! Have fun connecting the intense creatures and win!

Mega Knight Tour Classic Mega Knight Tour Classic v1.0.2

Fill boards visits every square only once.

ChipMasterEx ChipMasterEx v1.6.0

ChipMaster! Build Park and Be Rich to Tap, Casual Slot, Easy to play Chip Puzzle

- Easy to play Rule Puzzle
- Build theme Park and Be Rich Man to Tab
- Casual Slot
- Wonderful!! the killing time game

Plumber 94 Plumber 94 v1.08

Plumber - favorite game lovers of puzzles without time. Build a pipeline!

Puzzle Kids Puzzle Kids v1.0

Puzzle Kids

Challenge 0to99 Challenge 0to99 v1.0

Challenge!! 99 !!
If you can find the numbers quickly, try it.

Guess 5 Guess 5 v1.17

One question, 100 answers. Can you find out the top 5?

jigsaw puzzle jigsaw puzzle v1.0

You can play jigsaw puzzle from lots of images, even from your own photos.