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Split Maze Split Maze v1.2.1

Have you ever wanted to navigate through a maze that has been cut in 4 pieces and those pieces were rearranged? Than this is the game for you!

Bunnies Show Free Bunnies Show Free v1.0.0

These funny bunnies are tired of doing tricks for their tough magician. Swipe of your finger and use various trick cards to save as much Bunnies as possible.

Bunnies Show Bunnies Show v1.0.1

These funny bunnies are tired of doing tricks for their tough magician. Swipe of your finger and use various trick cards to save as much Bunnies as possible.

Quiz Battle International Quiz Battle International v1.12

★ Knowledge is power and we want to unite the knowledge of the world! ★ We want you to see how marvelous the world is and how many fantastic things we humans have done. A quiz is a good way of learning facts since you have to think hard and try to remember your facts. In this quiz you will be able to contribute your knowledge to compete with other nations all over the world. Which country is the smartest?

Hangman Fun Hangman Fun v3.6.0

The classic but nice hangman puzzle game.

The Scratch Quiz The Scratch Quiz v1.0

Are you really as good as you think at guessing what pictures are?

100 Floors 2013 100 Floors 2013 v1.18

Challenge yourself in this fun and popular puzzle game
Solve the puzzle and advance to the next floor. Be the one to reach the topfloor and tell your friends about it. In this game logical solutions are in focus.

Gears Gears Everywhere Gears Gears Everywhere v1.2

Use different types of gears on three different planes to explore the fun of gear mechanics. Free mode allows you to create big systems of gears for your own exploration. Game mode offers many levels with a variety of unique types of level completion.

RE Floors RE Floors v1.0.0

Welcome escaper! This time you find yourself locked in a room with an elevator door. Could it be the mysterious 101th floor your great grandfather used to tell stories about?

Rock Slide Rock Slide v1.04

Find just the right moves to get the rocks home. Cute and challenging puzzles!

Color Jumper Color Jumper v1.0.1

Find a way to pass each color in the given order on this 5x5 field. Jump from one field to the other and if you want, jump over one field to reach the next field to make every color on this field glow.

Box Game Box Game v1.4.50

Box Game is easy to handle but hard to master! Just drag one of the boxes by your finger from one corner to the other... but beware of the crushers. they may cut off your way. Later on they are going to move - so be careful when dragging around further levels! ;)

Spotter 3D Spotter 3D v3

Your mission is to find the differences between amazing 3D military scenes

Whats That Word Whats That Word v3.5.1

4 pics 1 word. Can you guess what they have in common?

Rollicking Rollicking v2.4.3

Rollicking is a 3D puzzle platformer where you have to traverse through the levels and get the key in order to solve the puzzles. Features ridiculously simple gameplay, but challenging puzzles! You can even create your own puzzles to share with your friends!

ChainWord ChainWord v1.0.0

A simple word game - how long a chain can you make?

- Start with a 3 or 4 letter word
- Add, Remove, Change or Swap letters to make a new word
- Repeat!

Each time you make a new word your multiplier goes up - that's the secret to getting a good score.

But there is a timer - 10 seconds before you lose a life, and your multiplier. Your multiplier also resets if you choose a bad word.

TV Show Character Quiz TV Show Character Quiz v1.0

Challenge for television show lovers to prove their knowledge...

Movie Hangman Free Movie Hangman Free v1.7.1

The best classic hangman game for your mobile phone or tablet! Absolutely free for unlimited use! Includes thousands of movies to guess, additional movie information and lots of options and game configurations.

RE Basement RE Basement v1.0.0

Trapped in a filthy basement... Doesn't seem like a place to spend your day. Use your escaping skill to find your way out and don't forget to close the door after you!

Word Peril Word Peril v1.9

• Hangman with a twist!
• Over 6,000 word puzzles
• Global leaderboards - compete against your friends
• Challenging but takes only seconds to learn